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t_paw1.gif (1536 bytes) One-Fun.
If you want to sum up Tiger Cubs BSA in a single word, that's it. Tiger Cubs BSA is a boy and an adult partner having fun together and learning more about the world around them in the process.
t_paw2.gif (1468 bytes) Two-Boy, Adult.
Tiger Cubs BSA is a family-oriented program of teams. Each team is made up of a Tiger Cub and his adult partner-father, mother, or other adult family member, or even a neighbor. What is important is that the adult partner is someone who cares about the boy and is committed to his well-being.
t_paw3.gif (1534 bytes) Three Search, Discover, Share.
This is the Tiger Cub motto. Tiger Cub teams search out new activities, discover new things, and share them with one another in the program.

 Tiger Cubs BSA has been successful from the moment of its introduction in 1982. Why.? Because Tiger Cubs BSA fills a great need in America today by providing a fun, uncomplicated program for bringing boys and their families closer together. It works! And it works with all kinds of families. All it takes is a boy and a caring adult.

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