Pack 161

Bethesda Presbyterian Church
York, South Carolina

You will find that cub scouting is a great bargain for your child.  In addition to the fees below, we do 2 fund-raisers yearly to help the pack go..
How much does it cost?

There is a yearly fee of $35, and weekly dues of 50 

  • Included in this fee is:
    • Your boy's registration
    • His subscription to Boy's Life magazine
    • Neckerchief
    • If this is the initial registration (first time cub scout) it also includes:
      • Palmetto Council Patch
      • 161 numerals for his shirt 
      • book
    • Program fee  

Boys who are returning to Pack 161 will be responsible for purchasing their own book.  These are often made available for purchase through the Cubmaster or Assistant Cubmaster. 

We hope that the cub scout will purchase a uniform.  Most scouts have a shirt, cap and belt.  This can be done by:

  • Visiting the scout shop on the corner of Westinghouse and Hwy 49 (Tryon) in Charlotte, not far from the Westinghouse exit off I77.  
  • By catalog - 
    • can be viewed online at , then order by phone (see below)
    • call the number below to order a catalog
    • your Assistant Cubmaster has one you can look at.
  • By phone (1-800-323-0732) 
  • We also recycle shirts and sometimes have one that your boy can wear.  See your cubmaster about this.



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