Welcome to Cub Scouting at Pack 161

Listed below is some helpful information for the new  Cub and Cub Scout family.


Registration Fee:

Registration for all Cub Scouts and Tiger Cubs is $35.00, this covers the cost of registration, Boy’s Life scouting magazine, and the cost of the appropriate first handbook, and his first neckerchief. A Yearly renewal fee of $35.00 will be charged in January of each year for each returning scout. (If your scout paid his program fee in August or September of this year, he will not have to pay again the first January.)  This will cover Registration and Boys Life and his neckerchief.  The remainder is a program fee to "help the pack go."  Each continuing Scout will be responsible for the purchase of future handbooks.

Uniforms and Insignias:

The Scout uniform is a vital part of the scouting program, it symbolizes that your boy belongs to a special group of young men that believe and represent the values and ideals of the Boy Scouts of America. So we encourage all our boys to have and wear their scout uniform at all scout meetings and functions. Your scout will need:

Cub Scouts

* NOTE** If your son is 10 years, old he will be joining as a second year Webelos Scout he may elect to wear the Boy Scout uniform with the blue shoulder loops. This way he can wear the same uniform next year when he becomes a Boy Scout.  To learn where to purchase these items go to "How Much Does it Cost ". We realize that these items are expensive. If you find that you just can't afford this, perhaps you know of someone who's had a son in scouts that could pass a uniform along. If you have a problem in this area please contact us. We want each scout to have uniform and we will assist you any way we can. As a minimum each boy should have a Scout shirt. This is where he will be showing off his awards. Other items can be added as time goes on.


Newly joining scouts will be given a handbook or work book as part of their new membership package. Future books must be purchased by the scout, Or may be purchased from the pack at cost. Each Scout should bring his handbook to every meeting. We will be working on lessons from the book. In each book his progress record where we will track his advancement. For the 2003-04 year, we will be using the old handbook.  The new handbooks will be used next year.

Age Book
6 yrs. old----Tiger Cubs Work book provided with membership package
7 yrs. old Wolf
8 yrs. old Bear
9-10 yrs. old Webelos

***NOTE*** All new Cub Scouts regardless of age, must earn the Bobcat badge. The requirements for this badge are found in each handbook.


We will hold Tiger Cub (1st Grade scouts) meetings the first and third Tuesday of each month. The meetings will start 7:00 and last about an hour. 

We will hold all Cub Scout den meetings every Tuesday at Bethesda Presbyterian Church. Meeting times are 7:00 - 8:15 please have your scout arrive on time and be there to pick him up promptly. As numbers grow and as we get new leaders, it may become necessary to schedule different den's meetings at different times to accommodate individual schedules. We will inform you of any change.

We hold a pack meetings for all regular Cub Scouts, Tiger Cubs, and their families 3 or 4 times per year.  It is a time for the cubs to show what they have learned and to entertain with skits and songs.  Awards will be presented and parents will be informed of upcoming events. All Scouts should attend in full uniform and look their best as they are recognized for their achievements.

We try and plan any special trips or activities for Saturdays. We would like to plan one trip or activity a month in which the whole family is invited to share.

Weekly Dues : 50 cents

One of the Cub Scout Laws is that "the Cub Scout helps the pack go." We feel that by having a scout pay weekly dues, it helps teach him responsibility. With this in mind we are asking all Cub Scouts to contribute 50 a week. It is not our intention to exclude anyone who does not pay, but to help the scout to feel that he has contributed to the success of the unit. This money will go to help offset the costs of badges awarded, and craft supplies. Dues are not required of Tiger Cub Scouts.

Parent Participation:

The Cub Scout program is designed for the scout to work closely with their parents on the badge requirements and activities in the handbooks. When you get your child's handbook read with him the information in the front about drug abuse and child abuse talk together about this and complete the sign off for this. This is the first step to beginning all scout requirements.

As you begin to learn about the program with your child, you will learn that the name given to the one who helps the Cub Scout learn is "AKELA". "AKELA" can be the parent, a teacher, or the scout leaders. As you work through the handbook there will be a place for you ("AKELA") to sign off as your boy completes each requirement. We will work on some requirements at the den meetings but most work should be done at home. Weekly den meetings will be designed around a monthly topic which is designed toward fulfilling specific badge requirements. We try to structure our program to meet those requirements that are difficult to meet at home, with the major emphasis on activities, crafts, skits, song and team fellowship. By working together with your help at home we can create a well-rounded scouting environment.


The leaders of pack 161 believe that scouting can be an important part in a young mans growth and development. We would encourage you not to punish your child by keeping him away from scouts. Just as you would not punish your child by not letting him attend school or church for misbehavior. Scouting could be the one thing he needs the most. We use a three step approach to discipline when a child begins to act up.

  1. We call him down and ask him to stop the inappropriate behavior.
  2. If the problem persist we ask him to take some time out away from the rest of the group.
  3. If the problem persist we may ask the parent to come and join us at the next meeting to help supply the extra support we need.

There's a Place for YOU:

We would like to ask for anyone interested, to help us as a den leader or assistant den leader. We are required to have two deep leadership per den, it takes no special skills, just a desire to work with the boys as they grow. If you don't feel like you can help out as leader we would hope that you would consider helping out with transportation, activities planning, public relations, and unit management. The quality of our program is no better than the effort we as parents put into it.

Thank you for joining our scouting program and LET'S MAKE SCOUTING WORK.

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